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UnionHub combines an intuitive Benefits Calculator and an intelligent Decision Support system to simplify decision-making for our members.

Our Benefits Calculator, optimized for mobile experiences, allows members to efficiently calculate their benefits with minimal personal information. The focus is on user-friendliness and accuracy, offering quick access to essential data.

Paired with this, our Decision Support system guides members towards the best decisions for themselves and their families. This tool reduces the need for customer service intervention by providing personalized recommendations, eliminating guesswork and ensuring informed decision-making.

Together, these tools aim to create a seamless, stress-free experience for our members, navigating them confidently through the world of benefits calculation and decision-making.

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Group Plans

At UnionHub, we’re committed to providing tailored benefit solutions that meet your organization’s unique needs. Our custom benefit plan construction service allows us to create diverse ancillary benefit offerings, including but not limited to:

  • Disability coverage
  • Life insurance
  • Critical illness protection
  • And many more (if you envision it, we have the expertise to create it)

Our team is ready to assist you in maximizing open enrollment periods, managing renewals, adjusting age-based premiums, and automating ACH premium collection and remittances.

Furthermore, UnionHub’s advanced CRM solution streamlines the active member management process. This robust platform facilitates effortless member communication via email, text, and push notifications, tying all areas of member management together seamlessly.

We also offer your members round-the-clock online access through a branded Member Portal. This platform empowers your members to manage their personal information, digital payment wallet, and select from custom benefit options, providing them with a personalized, self-service experience at their fingertips.

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Agents quickly identify customer issues through our integrated ticket support system. From there, they can escalate the issue to the right team, and provide a solution.

UnionHub Mobile Payments

Payment Processing

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UnionHub prioritizes the safety and convenience of your transactions. We facilitate electronic payments via ACH (e-check) or Open Banking, partnering only with secure, accredited banking institutions. To safeguard your payment information, we employ advanced encryption technologies and utilize tokenized assets.

In addition, our comprehensive reconciliation and reporting system provides unparalleled transparency. It meticulously tracks and identifies all premiums, commissions, and fees associated with any plan. This ensures that every cent is appropriately allocated and correctly distributed, providing you with confidence in the accuracy and integrity of your transactions.

Association Management

Our cutting-edge True Authentication System offers real-time, audited reconciliation files and digital token backups, ensuring meticulous verification of all fund settlements by month’s end. Beyond just tracking financials, this system also generates self-administered billing files, adding a layer of convenience and automation to your financial management process.

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Member Interaction Tools

Our automated communication system ensures timely updates on late payments, open enrollment status, or plan changes, keeping members informed and engaged. Additionally, our platform facilitates easy, direct outreach from team members to customers via email and text. All notifications are systematically logged and conveniently accessible for review within the system, promoting transparency and effective communication.

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Contact Manager

Our comprehensive database management system, specifically designed for association membership, simplifies the tracking of enrollments and active payments. This integrated approach ensures you stay abreast of member statuses and financial transactions effortlessly.

Self-Service Portal

Our industry-leading, mobile-optimized Self-Service Portal offers round-the-clock access for members to manage their personal information, enrollment processes, digital wallet, and benefit payments. Upholding the highest standards of usability and accessibility, our portal is fully ADA compliant, ensuring a seamless and inclusive user experience for all members.

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