Simplify Benefit Management with UnionHub

Managing member benefits can be a hassle, but with UnionHub, it doesn’t have to be. Our proprietary AI and automation eliminate tedious, paper-intensive processes, streamlining benefits management and ACH/Open Banking payment processing.

By using UnionHub, TPAs, brokers, and insurance companies can enjoy a simpler, more efficient way of managing member benefits. Say goodbye to headaches and hello to hassle-free benefit management.

We believe everyone deserves access to easy Income Replacement tools


Streamlined Benefit Management – UnionHub’s intuitive, user-friendly design makes benefit management simple for TPAs, brokerages, enrollment firms, and end users of all skill levels, with or without a technical background.


Advanced Data Security – UnionHub is committed to the highest levels of data security. Our platform uses cutting-edge encryption and advanced security measures to ensure your information is protected from all types of threats. Trust us to safeguard your sensitive data.


Streamlined Experience – Our system is designed to provide a seamless and intuitive experience for everyone, minimizing confusion and errors throughout the process. From start to finish, UnionHub streamlines the benefits management experience for all users.

UnionHub Solution

Seamless Data Integration – With UnionHub, there’s no need to juggle multiple data streams. Our platform consolidates all data from users and integrated companies into a single stream. This eliminates the need for manual data entry, automates report generation, and streamlines communication across the board.

ACH Payment Solutions

Simple, fast, and reliable payment processing

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Member Payments Simplified

UnionHub streamlines the process of submitting member payments, including membership dues, service fees, and insurance payments. Our platform makes it easy for members to securely and efficiently provide payment information, eliminating the need for manual processing and saving time for all parties involved.

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Effortless Payment Processing

UnionHub offers a range of payment options, including online and mobile payment methods. Our platform’s automated payment processing system ensures a seamless payment experience for our clients, using the latest infrastructure and technology to provide fast and secure transactions. With UnionHub, payment processing is hassle-free and straightforward.

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Streamlined ACH Processing

UnionHub’s ACH processing system simplifies transactions by sending payments for processing through the ACH network, which acts as an intermediary between the involved financial institutions. The network then processes the payment and issues instructions to the respective institutions to debit the payer’s account and credit the recipient’s account. Our streamlined ACH processing ensures that transactions are completed efficiently and accurately, with minimal hassle for all parties involved.

Easy Payment Processing

UnionHub simplifies the payment process for insurance payments, member dues, and association due collections. Our platform offers integrated ACH (e-check) processing, allowing for easy setup of recurring payments and efficient distribution of funds to the proper entities.

  • Broker Commissions
  • Insurance Carriers
  • And more

True Authentication – Our cutting-edge technology utilizes “True Authentication,” a system that provides real-time audited reconciliation files and digitalized token backups to ensure that all funds have been settled by the end of the month. UnionHub’s platform also creates self-administered billing files, further streamlining the payment process.

Easy Payment Processing

Services we offer


Our CRM system streamlines customer contact, sales, marketing, and service management tools in one convenient platform.

Text Messaging

UnionHub connects to multiple platforms for both single and automated texting, keeping members engaged and informed.

Payment Processing

UnionHub simplifies insurance payments and association due collections with our user-friendly payment processing system.

Manage Benefit Plans

UnionHub’s Plan Builder tool enables users to create and manage insurance benefit plans and strategies with ease.

Decision Support

UnionHub’s benefit calculator optimizes mobile experiences, empowering members to make informed benefit decisions and elections.

Automated Reporting

Our integrated database management system tracks enrollments and payments for accurate reporting, simplifying administrative tasks and saving time.