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Member benefits administration software

Member benefits management is tedious and paper-intensive. With UnionHub Benefits Management solutions—an extension of UnionHub MRM—you can automate, streamline, and empower your members to use self-service tools.

Manage open enrollment and life events

Providing a generous and competitive benefits package is one way you can recruit and retain members, and it’s also a significant factor in overall member satisfaction. Improve member engagement and participation in their union sponsored benefits by incorporating UnionHub into your enrollment process. Providing robust online open enrollment tools helps empower your members to become better educated on the benefits available to them and seamlessly make benefit elections. Easy step-by-step wizards guide you through setup and walks members through open enrollment.

Payment Processing

The Perfect Solution for All Size Unions

Collecting union dues and insurance premiums is a challenge for most unions. Handling paper checks, individual credit card transactions and cash is an inefficient collection method that creates unnecessary work and liability for unions. Utilizing ACH processing through UnionHub helps streamline the collection process and eliminate the burden on the union. Through our integrated software solutions, we make it easy and affordable to process, manage and track union dues or insurance premium payments.