UnionHub Mobile Benefits

Let’s Revolutionize Benefits Solutions Together

Accelerate growth, streamline your benefits operation, and broaden your reach like never before!

  • Utilize our intuitive system to bypass traditional payroll deductions
  • Enroll new ancillary coverages with ease, with over 80% self-enrollment capability
  • Empower members/employees with a self-administration portal that significantly reduces customer service queries
  • Leverage AI messaging to handle compliance work effortlessly
  • Benefit from automated authenticated billing that simplifies carrier bill administration

In essence, if you’re looking to offer your clients, members, and employees valuable voluntary benefits without the complexities of enrollment or ongoing administration, UnionHub is your ultimate solution.

Leverage Comprehensive Resources for Quicker ROI

Boost your business growth by collaborating with UnionHub to provide robust voluntary benefits plans to your clientele.

Our comprehensive suite of professional products enables platforms and businesses to interact with their members or employees, manage enrollments, and handle financial data in a transformative manner.

Platform Partners

Incorporate UnionHub into your platform and elevate your customer experience starting today.

  • Decision-support tools, benefits calculator, and educational resources
  • Quick, 3-minute self-enrollment process
  • Comprehensive payment processing solutions, including gateways, PayTrack, and eAccess platforms
  • Automated messaging systems utilizing text, email, and push notifications
  • Automated eReceipts for seamless transaction confirmations
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For every hurdle you encounter, UnionHub stands ready to guide you towards success. Design your ideal Enrollment and Management solution with our:

  • Tailored plan design builder
  • Innovative messaging campaigns
  • Specialized branding solutions

What our partners are saying…

UnionHub has brought about a transformative shift in our business operations. Manual data entry, laborious number crunching, and painstaking error-checking are things of the past. Tasks that used to consume days are now accomplished in mere minutes!

The platform’s user-friendly design is a win-win for both our customers navigating their annual insurance enrollment and our staff managing backend operations. Catering to customers with varied schedules had always been a challenge. With UnionHub, our clients can successfully complete their enrollment and provide all required information at their convenience in a comprehensive one-stop experience.

Moreover, UnionHub’s wide-ranging capabilities – from initial enrollment, sending text and email communications, to data organization, customer management, and payment processing – have resulted in substantial cost savings by eliminating the need for multiple third-party applications.

Furthermore, the UnionHub team’s swift, well-coordinated, and professional response to any issues or inquiries is commendable. In essence, UnionHub has amplified our productivity and efficiency exponentially, and I wholeheartedly endorse it.

—J. Geier, Director of Administration

Union One