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What is UnionHub?

UnionHub eliminates the need for app downloads, offering swift, straightforward access to valuable benefits and payment methods.

Endorsed by thousands of clients nationwide, UnionHub provides a straightforward and secure platform for managing benefits provided by your employer, union, or association.

As a US-based company, all programming, coding, design, and security protocols are meticulously crafted by our top-tier team located in Denver and Chicago. UnionHub is a testament to world-class domestic expertise.

Easy as 1–2–3

Number 1

Effortlessly gain portal access using straightforward credentials and establish your personal account.

Number 1

Leverage our comprehensive guide to tailor the benefits best matching your family’s unique requirements.

Number 3

Select your payment terms of choice, input your ACH credentials, and your setup is done – it’s that simple!

Insurance, though complex, is an essential facet of life.

Our mission is to demystify this complexity for everyday individuals, simplifying the understanding and management of their benefits. We hope that you find UnionHub to be a valuable and user-friendly tool, enabling you to easily manage the crucial benefits that safeguard you and your loved ones.

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Fast and simple registration process that does not require downloading an app.



Built with industry−leading technology, UnionHub is designed to quickly calculate your benefit options and costs, and help you navigate the entire process (from start to finish) within 3 minutes.



UnionHub works with some of the largest insurance companies in the world and enforces the highest security standards. We maintain a series of high security standards that exceed those commonly found in the rest of the industry.



Our member account portal solution provides instant, 24/7 access to your benefits selections, payment information and history – plus the ability to update your profile and settings.

Revolutionizing the way we enroll and pay for benefits

Our platform provides a modern and seamless experience. Conveniently accessible from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, the process is both effortless and swift.

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