About UnionHub

Established in 2015, UnionHub has been at the forefront of changing benefits management. We started with a simple yet ambitious notion: Non-Payroll Deducted Benefits Management should be straightforward and accessible for TPAs, Brokerages, Enrollment Firms, and Insurance Carriers alike.

Traditionally, benefits management has been an intricate, labor-intensive process — resource-heavy, time-consuming, and challenging to execute with precision. We envisioned a more streamlined approach, and today, UnionHub stands as a comprehensive solution that simplifies Non-Payroll Deducted Benefits Management.

We bring expertise in:

  • ACH e-Payments
  • Benefits Management
  • Insurance Compliance and Automation

For organizations looking to delve into ACH Payment Processing with minimal personnel resources, UnionHub offers an unparalleled solution.

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People Matter at UnionHub

UnionHub thrives on a team-driven ethos. We foster a culture that values team member support and work-life balance, ensuring that every voice is heard!

We firmly believe that attracting the right talent is instrumental in developing transformative technology. Hence, we’ve assembled a team of passionate problem-solvers, individuals eager to face challenges head-on.

Situated in Denver, Colorado, our team is in a state of continuous expansion. Keen on being part of our dynamic ensemble? We’d love to hear from you.

A Message from Our Founder

What exactly is UnionHub? We began as a solution to a problem that couldn’t be addressed merely by adding more personnel behind computer screens. Our biggest challenge was scalability: Can we efficiently manage the benefits of 1,000,000 employees with the same resources as those required for 1,000 employees?

To answer this, our Denver-based team created an innovative, limitless platform. This platform not only addresses the scalability issue but also makes it effortless for organizations to navigate the evolving digital landscape of benefits management.

We employ cutting-edge technology to revolutionize how people and organizations manage risk, conduct financial transactions, and build strong relationships with leading insurance companies globally.

Insurance can be a complex necessity. Our mission is to demystify it for everyone. UnionHub is designed to be refreshingly user-friendly. More than that, our tools are geared to provide crucial support during unexpected medical events that can disrupt one’s work-life balance.

As technology continues to evolve, so do we. We are dedicated to implementing brighter, better technology — some of which we pioneered ourselves. Our commitment to growth, innovation, and the UnionHub community remains unwavering.

—Edward Haley, Co−Founder