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We knew there was a better way to manage Union sponsored benefits…

Managing union benefits was time consuming, required extensive reporting and often fell short of the compliance requirements. That’s why when we launched UnionHub; we had one goal, to give Unions and Union Members the knowledge, options and freedom to protect what they love most. This idea is what has propelled UnionHub to become one of the most trusted and comprehensive union focused benefits management platforms in the USA. Our solutions create easy, secure, compliant management which eliminates all the tedious work that bogs down too many unions and their benefit administrators.

UnionHub not only makes managing benefits simple, it also allows for successful enrollments, easy premium payment processing and extensive on-demand reporting. We believe in a complete, straightforward solution to help unions provide its members the benefits they deserve without the burden that typically accompanies it.

UnionHub is engineered with the end user in mind. You don’t need to be tech savoy to navigate or interact with our benefits interface. Our solution is an end to end roadmap to help you navigate a successful benefits experience. Let UnionHub be your partner in the support of organized labor.

If you would like a quote or for more information please call us at 224-770-5310 or send us an email to support@unionhub.com.